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[AbsorberCaseStudy01.pdf] A simple absorption column as explained in Multistage Separation Processes by F.M. Khoury (Prentice-Hall, 1999) and using the Parametric Study option in ChemSep to investigate the influence of the solvent flow rate and the number of stages.
[FlashCalculations02.pdf] How to estimate K-values from the Peng-Robinson Equation of State and creating a phase diagram for methanol-benzene, examples from Introductory Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics by J.R. Elliott and C.T. Lira (Prentice-Hall, 1999).
[SeaderExtractor.pdf] Modeling of an extraction column where Ethyl Acetate is used as the solvent to recover acetic acid from a binary liquid mixture that is predominantly water. This exercise is from Separation Process Principles (2nd Ed.) by Seader and Henley (Wiley, 2006, page 296).
[SelectingComponents.pdf] A short introduction to the selection of components in ChemSep.
[PCDManager.pdf] How to use the Pure Component Data manager
[Efficiencies.pdf] Explains the equilibrium stage model efficiency modeling in ChemSep.
[SystemFactor.pdf] Details the available system factor models in ChemSep.
[ExcelExport.pdf] How to export anything from ChemSep into Excel.
[ProcessingVLEdata.pdf] How to process Vapor Liquid Equilibrium (VLE) data in ChemSep and make phase diagrams and fit parameters for thermodynamic models to fit the data.
[PCDExport.pdf] How to export data from the PCD manager into Excel.
[SimpleDistillation.pdf] How to setup a simple distillation column in ChemSep.
[MulticomponentDistillation.pdf] How to setup a simple multicomponent distillation column in ChemSep.
[DistillationOfHypotheticals.pdf] How to setup distillation column in ChemSep dealing with hypothetical components.


File Description
[WP Fluid Separations 2023] Dividing Wall Columns Simulation Done Easy.
[AIChE Spring 2023] The absolute necessity of getting them right - Surface tension predictions for high pressure column operations
[COLAN 2022] Exporting Petroleum/Custom Properties (on the hand of an improved EXXON-Mobil BenzOUT process).
[AIChE Spring 2019] Design packed columns to handle liquid maldistribution
[DA 2018] A Rate-Based Equation-Oriented Parallel Column Model: Application to Dividing Wall Columns (with industrial example)
[AIChE Spring 2018] A Rate-Based Equation-Oriented Parallel Column Model: Application to Dividing Wall Columns
[COLAN 2017] Process modeling and optimization using ChemSep
[AIChE Spring 2017] An Equation-Based Parallel Column Model
[AIChE Spring 2012] Rate-Based distillation simulation of FRI test for #2 Nutter Ring using ChemSep
[AIChE Spring 2011] Honor-seesion Professor Luyben - Simulating chemical processes with COCO + ChemSep


File Description
[faq.html] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
[MiaozhenLao.pdf] Nonequilibrium Model for Liquid-Liquid Extraction, PhD. thesis of Miaozhen Lao (1989)
[HarryKooijman.pdf] Dynamic Nonequilibrium Column Simulation, PhD. thesis of Harry Kooijman (1995)
[KrishnashreeAchutan.pdf] Column Simulation Calculations in the Complex Domain, M.S. thesis of KrishnashreeAchutan (1996)
[ArnoudHigler.pdf] A Nonequilibrium Model for Reactive Distillation, PhD. thesis of Arnoud Higler (1999)
[RichardBaur.pdf] Modeling Reactive Distillation Dynamics, PhD. thesis of Richard Baur (2000)
[book.htm] The (1998) precursor of the ChemSep book. It has not been updated. For more uptodate information see the 2nd Ed. of the ChemSep book
[manual.htm] The translated manual that came with ChemSep (1995). It has not been updated.
[JingsongZhou.pdf] Equation-Oriented Modeling of Dividing Wall Columns, PhD. thesis by Jingsong Zhou (2019)


File Description
[ChemSepRelease_6.pdf] December 2004, Release 6
[ChemSepRelease6v2.pdf] August 2005, Release 6v2
[ChemSepRelease6v3.pdf] June 2009, Release 6v3
[ChemSepRelease6v5.pdf] December 2009, Release 6v5
[ChemSepRelease6v6.pdf] April 2010, Release 6v6
[ChemSepRelease6v8.pdf] January 2011, Release 6v8
[ChemSepRelease6v9.pdf] February 2012, Release 6v9
[ChemSepRelease7v2.pdf] August 2017, Release 7v2
[ChemSepRelease7v4.pdf] May 2018, Release 7v4
[ChemSepRelease8v1.pdf] January 2019, Release 8v1
[ChemSepRelease8v2.pdf] March 2020, Release 8v2
[ChemSepRelease8v3.pdf] May 2022, Release 8v3
[ChemSepRelease8v4.pdf] July 2023, Release 8v4

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